[R] Fill in empty cell in data.frame from previous value

Christophe Elek christophe.elek at gmail.com
Sat Jun 24 19:49:47 CEST 2017

Hello Total newbie here... I hope I read the guide properly

I have the following data.frame (I read it from a CSV file I cannot change)

  names val
1 Mandy   1
2         2
3 John    2
4         2

I want to read the row number 2, but I want the first column to be “Mandy” and not null

print (frame[2,])
2 Mandy   2

I can manipulate the data.frame once loaded
How can I fill all cell in column “names” with the previous value ?
Or is there a function that will get me the row and fill the “names” column ?

NOTA BENE: I do not want the answer, I want to find it myself but I need guidance
If there is a function, tell me the library and I will search
If this is an algorithm, tell me generally how you would do and let me scratch my head first 😊

Thanks Chris

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