[R] Simple control structure issue

Michael Ashton m.ashton at enduringinvestments.com
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SONOFAGUN…I’m a bit embarrassed. Thanks Bill!

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R is a case-sensitive language: 'if' (lowercase 'i') is a keyword and 'If' (uppercase 'I') is not.

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On Fri, Jun 23, 2017 at 1:00 PM, Michael Ashton <m.ashton at enduringinvestments.com<mailto:m.ashton at enduringinvestments.com>> wrote:
I am having a hard time with 'next'. I come from the "sloppy" school that learned BASIC with Goto.

Conceptually next seems pretty straightforward. I just can't get it to work correctly in my code. Here's a stripped down version:


for (j in (1:length(Cnums))) {
     If (!identical(Cpers[j],WhichRunNow)){

So, this should print the number "3", which it does. It prints 3 because "WhichRunNow" is "Daily", and only for j=3 is Cpers[j] not identical to "Daily". But R seems very unhappy with how it gets there:

> WhichRunNow<-"Daily"
> Cnums=c(0,1,"2b3")
> Cpers=c("Daily","Daily","Weekly")
> for (j in (1:length(Cnums))) {
+ If (!identical(Cpers[j],WhichRunNow)){
Error: unexpected '{' in:
"for (j in (1:length(Cnums))) {
If (!identical(Cpers[j],WhichRunNow)){"
> next
Error: no loop for break/next, jumping to top level
> }
Error: unexpected '}' in "}"
> print(j)
[1] 3
> }
Error: unexpected '}' in "}"

Obviously something with my syntax, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong!

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