[R] MODISTools help - with reproducible examples

Caroline gliddeca at science.oregonstate.edu
Fri Jun 23 01:44:59 CEST 2017

I am using the R-package MODISTools (different than MODIS) and am having a lot of difficulty troubleshooting my code. I have spent awhile going through MODISTools tutorials, searching for my error code, looking at the source code. However, I have not been able to find any relevant information related to my error message. 

The study I am currently working on involves a herd of 200 African buffalo caught every six months for 4 years. I am trying to use EVI and NDVI to assess seasonal variation thus I would like mean EVI and NDVI for each observation (each time each buffalo was captured). I have capture date, lat and long for each observation. 

However, when using ‘250m_16_days_pixel_reliability’ as my quality control band I keep getting the warning message:

Warning in MODISSummaries(LoadDat = period, FileSep = ",", Product = "MOD13Q1",  :
  Only single data point that passed the quality screen: cannot summarise

When using ‘250m_16_days_VI_Quality’ as my quality control band I keep getting the warning message: 

Error in QualityCheck(Data = band.time.series, QualityScores = QA.time.series,  : 
  QualityScores not all in range of MOD13Q1's QC: 0-3

I seem to get this message with all subsets of my data (I have tried running all of my data at once and then just one data point at a time). I have also tried using wider date ranges as well as wider size ranges (in case the pixel reliability is poor within a certain area or time frame) but still get the same messages. 

I have attached the data file I have been using as well as my code (subsetted to just one animal so the run time is faster) 

Has anyone seen this error message before/have any suggestions for why I may be getting these errors?

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