[R] Missing dependencies in pkg installs

Don Cohen don-r-help at isis.cs3-inc.com
Fri Jun 23 01:18:24 CEST 2017

Duncan Murdoch writes:
 > On 22/06/2017 5:02 PM, Conklin, Mike (GfK) wrote:
 > > I am using debug on the .install_packages function...stepping through. Once the temporary folder is created and the tar file expanded I run file_test and get a FALSE back indicating that the configure file is not executable.
 > I don't know what is causing this bug.  Perhaps a Linux user can 
 > reproduce it and fix it.
 > Here's what I see:
 > file_test("-x") calls file.access(filename, 1L).  That in turn calls the 
 > C library function access(..., X_OK).  The ... is the name of the file, 
 > translated into the local encoding and expanded.  As far as I can see, 
 > that means ... should be exactly the string below.
 > >
 > > [1] "/tmp/RtmpMM6iC1/R.INSTALLc5ca415e4310/stringi"
 > The only thing I can think of is that your system is protecting you from 
 > executing a newly created file until some sort of virus or other check 
 > is done.  (This is common on Windows, but I've never heard of it before 
 > on Linux.)

Just a thought - are you running SELinux ?
Check the log files for refusals to run programs.

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