[R] Data import R: some explanatory variables not showing up correctly in summary

Tara Adcock taraadcock1 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 12:02:39 CEST 2017


I have a question regarding data importing into R.

When I import my data into R and review the summary, some of my explanatory variables are being reported as if instead of being one variable, they are two with the same name. See below for an example;

   Behav person         Behav dog               Position
  **combination  : 38   combination  :  4**     Bank    :372
  **combination  :  7   combination  :  4**   **Island  :119**
    fast         :123   fast         : 15     **Island  : 11**
    slow         :445   slow         : 95       Land    :  3
    stat         :111   stat         : 14       Water   :230

Also, all of the distances I have imported are showing up in the summary along with a line entitled "other". However, I haven't used any other distances?

   Distance        Distance.dog
   2-10m  :184     <50m   : 35
   <50m   :156     2-10m  : 27
   10-20m :156     20-30m : 23
   20-30m : 91     30-40m : 16
   40-50m : 57     10-20m : 13
   **(Other): 82   (Other): 18**

I have checked my data sheet over and over again and I think standardised the data, but the issue keeps arising. I'm assuming I need to clean the data set but as a nearly complete novice in R I am not certain how to do this. Any help at all with this would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

Kind Regards,

Tara Adcock.

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