[R] How to replace match words whith colum name of data frame?

Abraham Mathew mathewanalytics at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 23:06:57 CEST 2017

Try the stringr package.

This should work

chemical=c("basic", "alkalin", "alkali", "acid",  " ph ", "hss")
chemical_match <- str_c(chemical, collapse = "|")

concept_df$match[str_detect(concept_df$concept, chemical_match)] <-

> concept_df
                concept    match
1           butan acid  chemical
2  nano diamond particl    FALSE
3      slurri\ncomposit    FALSE
4     composit ph polis chemical
5      inorgan particl     FALSE
6          grind liquid    FALSE
7         liquid formul    FALSE
8           nanoparticl    FALSE
9    size abras particl    FALSE
10     agent malic acid chemical


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