[R] cannot use package RcmdrPlugin.plotByGroup

Lu Wei luweitest at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 17:28:16 CEST 2017

On 2017-7-23 20:41, Fox, John wrote:> ...
> The Rcmdr uses the qqPlot() function in the car package. In the next
> version of the car package, qqPlot() will be able to plot by groups,
> and when that happens, I'll incorporate the feature in the Rcmdr.
> More generally, however, if you learn to write R commands you'll be
> able to make customized plots. It would be easy to duplicate the
> plots that you show, for example.
Thanks you for the suggestions. It seems I will use R often afterwards, so I will study the manuals and commands little by little. I do not reject the command line geek style, but the beginning steps and basic functions should be easy. Your Rcmdr offered this to new users; without it, I won't begin to learn and use R.

Your observations of my posted image are correct. So that is my expectation of grouped QQ plot. I hope it will come to Rcmdr soon. Also, thanks Google, I find a way to do that:
That shape or color grouping in one chart is exactly what I need. Although I don't quite understand the commands used, I think I can copy and modify the commands a little to do my work. Could you incorporate it in the Rcmdr? Maybe consider it in your spare time. 

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