[R] BayesianTools update prior

Gavan McGrath gavan.mcgrath at uwa.edu.au
Sun Jul 23 16:08:28 CEST 2017


Using the example in ?VSEM in the package BayesianTools I'm attempting to iteratively update the prior but find the plotTimeSeriesResults produces the following errors when I extend the VSEM example in BayesianTools.  With the Code below (the errors) I get:
"  Error in quantile.default(x, probs = quantiles[i]) :
  missing values and NaN's not allowed if 'na.rm' is FALSE"

The error appears to come from the function getPredictiveIntervals, specifically the lines:
for (i in 1:nrow(predDistr)) {
            predDistr[i, ] = error(mean = pred[i, ], par = parMatrix[i,
predInt = getCredibleIntervals(sampleMatrix = predDistr,
            quantiles = quantiles)

I suspect lower and upper bounds on the parameters are not being enforced leading to a negative standard deviation being passed to rnorm?.
Any suggestions on how to proceed would be welcome.

#run the example in ?VSEM first then:

newPrior = createPriorDensity(out, method = "multivariate",
                              eps = 1e-10,
                              lower = refPars$lower[parSel],
                              upper = refPars$upper[parSel])

bayesianSetup <- createBayesianSetup(likelihood = likelihood,
    prior = newPrior,
    names = rownames(refPars)[parSel] )

out <- runMCMC(bayesianSetup = bayesianSetup, settings = settings)
plotTimeSeriesResults(sampler = out,
                      model = createPredictions,
                      observed = obs,
                      error = createError,
                      prior = TRUE,
                      main = "Prior predictive")

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