[R] cannot use package RcmdrPlugin.plotByGroup

Lu Wei luweitest at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 06:27:13 CEST 2017

On 2017-7-23 6:21, Fox, John wrote:
> Dear Lu Wei,
> I'm the author of the Rcmdr package but not of
> RcmdrPlugin.plotByGroup, so if there really is a problem -- which
> isn't apparent from your message -- then you may wish to contact the
> package author.
> First, as a general matter, menu items in the Rcmdr are grayed out if
> they're inappropriate in the current context. Rcmdr plug-in authors
> can use the same mechanism. So, for example, most menu items are
> grayed out before you read a data set, and menu items that require a
> categorical variable will be grayed out if there are no factors (or
> character variables or logical variables) in the active data set.
> ...

Thanks for the reply. I change to another data set and the menu is
available. I did not know the type of variable -- I am a newbie who is
searching a quick solution, that's why I try R-commander. But after some
test I find that plugin's output is not exactly what I want.

I am seeking a way to visualize data by plotting grouped box and
distribution chart. The latter may be called Q-Q chart, which I just
learned from R, though it seems not exactly the same as I have seen
below. I hope the groups are in the same chart for comparison, like this:

or even plot a set of variables:

These charts are produced by Minitab. The norm-axis is not the same as
Q-Q chart in R, but I think they are equivalent. Is it right?

I hope you or the author of RcmdrPlugin.plotByGroup could implement the
feature in the picture I posted. This "distribution chart" or Q-Q chart
is the most I want from a statistic tool, since it gives full
information of experiment data, and putting groups together in a chart
for comparison is the ultimate judgement.

Thank you for making R an easy tool to learn and use. Great job.

Lu Wei
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