[R] The R-help community list was started on this day 20 years ago

Henrik Bengtsson henrik.bengtsson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 20:19:07 CEST 2017

Today, it is been 20 years since Martin Mächler started the R-help
community list (https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/). The first
post was written by Ross Ihaka on 1997-04-01:

Subject: R-alpha: R-testers: pmin heisenbug
From: Ross Ihaka <ihaka at stat.auckland.ac.nz>
When: Tue Apr 1 10:35:48 CEST 1997
Archive: https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/1997-April/001488.html

This is a post about R's memory model. We're talking R v0.50 beta. I
think that the paragraph at the end provides a nice anecdote on the
importance not to be overwhelmed by problems ahead:

   "(The consumption of one cell per string is perhaps the major
memory problem in R - we didn't design it with large problems in mind.
It is probably fixable, but it will mean a lot of work)."

We all know the story; an endless number of hours has been put in by
many contributors throughout the years, making The R Project and its
community the great experience it is today.

Thank you!


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