[R] The equivalent of which() when accessing slots in an object

Thomas Chesney Thomas.Chesney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Oct 31 15:09:19 CET 2016

I have the following object


nBuy <- 5

#Set buyer parameters here
buylist <- list()
for (i in 1:nBuy){
buylist[[i]] <- new("buyer")
buylist[[i]]@reqstock <- sample(c(50:200),1)

and want to count the number of objects in buylist that have reqstock greater than 100. Something like this if it was a vector:

length(which(buylist[[]]@reqstock > 100))

How could I do this please and where could I find more information about manipulating slots? When I try to search for this I just keep finding info on ls() and similar functions.

Thank you

Thomas Chesney

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