[R] How to create a list of trellis objects for grid.arrange()

Duncan Mackay dulcalma at bigpond.com
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I did not have a look at this when it was sent as I thought it dealt with
ggplot objects 

If you have trellis objects (check by str())or ?class) try printing them 

print(p2, position = (c(0,0,1,0.5), more =T)
print(p1, position = (c(0,0.5,1,1), more = F)

The only other way that I can think of is using viewports
 ? grid::viewports

If it is base graphics then ? layout  may fix it



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f <- system.file("external/test.grd", package="raster")
r <- raster(f)
p1 <- spplot(r)
p2 <- spplot(r)

I would like to plot the equivalent to


but keeping the trellis objects p1 and p2 within one single object (as
in practice I have many objects generated within a for() loop).

The following used to work:
ps <- c(p1,p2)

but does not work any more.

How should I combine p1 and p2 into one single object that would be
accepted by grid.arrange?

Agustin Lobo
aloboaleu at gmail.com

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