[R] ifelse for creating discriminating variable based on two conditions

Andreas Nord andreas.nord at biol.lu.se
Fri Oct 14 08:17:21 CEST 2016

Dear list,

Apologies for a likely naive question.

I am trying to create a discriminating dummy variable using 'ifelse' based on conditions in two variables.

Specifically, I want to assign levels in a new factor as '0' or '1' based on a user-defined cut off. I.e. something similar to:



Which is all straightforward.

But how do I go on to assign values in variable 'molecule'based on the same cut off, but separately for each level of a second variable, in this case the factor 'fruit' with three levels. That is, how do I derive fruit-specific cut-offs using a data frame with the general structure of that below?


Many thanks in advance!

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