[R] Loop to check for large dataset

PIKAL Petr petr.pikal at precheza.cz
Mon Oct 10 11:00:39 CEST 2016


I named your data test

res <- xtabs(~STORE+WEEK+Description, data=test)

should give you values in which there is for given Description WEEK and STORE missing.

you can select week and store by

which(res[, ,1]==0, arr.ind=T)

for description 1 and so on.

Another option is to generate full set STORE, WEEK and description and merge it with original data by merge.


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Dear Petr,

I attached a sample file, which contains the first 4 products.

It is more that I have: 157 weeks, 19 different Stores and 22 products: 157*19*22 = 65,626 rows. And as I sated I have roughly 63,127 rows. (so some have to be missing).

All the best,


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