[R] Least Median Square Regression

Bryan Mac bryanmac.24 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 09:40:39 CEST 2016

Hi R-help,

How do you perform least median square regression in R? Here is what I have but received no output. 

LMSRegression <- function(df, indices){
  sample <- df[indices, ]
  LMS_NAR_NIC_relation <- lm(sample$NAR~sample$NIC, data = sample, method = "lms")
  rsquared_lms_nar_nic <- summary(LMS_NAR_NIC_relation)$r.square
  LMS_SQRTNAR_SQRTNIC_relation <- lm(sample$SQRTNAR~sample$SQRTNIC, data = sample, method = "lms")
  rsquared_lms_sqrtnar_sqrtnic <- summary(LMS_SQRTNAR_SQRTNIC_relation)$r.square
  out <- c(rsquared_lms_nar_nic, rsquared_lms_sqrtnar_sqrtnic)
Also, which value should be looked at decide whether this is best regression model to use?

Bryan Mac
bryanmac.24 at gmail.com

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