[R] remove a "corrupted file" after using download.file() with R on Windows 7

Fabien Tarrade fabien.tarrade at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 18:48:30 CEST 2016

Hi Robert,

sorry for the delays
>> Sometime download.file() failed to download the file and I would like 
>> to remove the correspond file.
> No answers, but a couple of additional questions:
> 1)  Does the issue persist if you close R or does the file remain 
> locked against deletion?
no, if I close R then I can remove the file
> 2) If so, is there a related process in the task list if you use 
nothing special a part from R studio
> 3) Does       print(e$message) yield any useful information when it 
> hangs?
I have an url to access the pages of .tiff documents. The issue that I 
don't know how many pages have each documents. So I try to copy and 
incrememt the index for the number of pges until it failed. I know it is 
not an idea solution but this is I have now until we get this info into 
a DB.
> Would debugging in R Studio shed additional light?
I will give a try.


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