[R] R Licensing Question

Jonathan Gellar JGellar at mathematica-mpr.com
Tue Jan 26 15:28:36 CET 2016


I have found a list of all software licenses supported by CRAN at the following site:


There is also the list of commonly used licenses here:


I have tried to read through some of these licenses, but I am not a lawyer and some of the legal jargon is difficult to get through. I have a simple question:

Are there any packages available on CRAN that have a license that requires that every use of a particular package (e.g. in an analysis) be made open source as well? I have never heard of this being the case, and it does not appear to be true for any of the most commonly used licenses, but from what I understand it would be possible for someone to create a license that has this requirement.

I apologize for the mass email if this is not the best forum for this question, but I could not find an answer elsewhere.

Thank you,

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