[R] write.xlsx- writing in a single sheet

Mohsen Jafarikia jafarikia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 15:43:25 CET 2016

Hello all:

I am having problem writing a few files in a single sheet of excel. It
seems R has problem writing on the same sheet. Maybe there is a command
that I am missing. Here is the code I am using:


ifn11 <- "A1.xlsx"
dat11  <- read.xlsx(ifn11, sheetName="A.csv", header = TRUE)

ifn12 <- "A2.xlsx"
dat12  <- read.xlsx(ifn12, sheetName="A.csv", header = TRUE)

ifn13 <- "A3.xlsx"
dat13  <- read.xlsx(ifn13, sheetName="A.csv", header = TRUE)

ifn21 <- "F1.xlsx"
dat21 <- read.xlsx(ifn21, sheetName="F.csv",header = TRUE)

ifn22 <- "F2.xlsx"
dat22  <- read.xlsx(ifn22, sheetName="F.csv",header = TRUE)

ifn23 <- "F3.xlsx"
dat23 <- read.xlsx(ifn23, sheetName="F.csv",header = TRUE)

write.xlsx(dat11,  file="AC.xlsx", sheetName="A",  append=FALSE)
write.xlsx(dat12,  file="AC.xlsx",                             append= TRUE)
write.xlsx(dat13,  file="AC.xlsx",                             append= TRUE)
write.xlsx(dat21,  file="AC.xlsx", sheetName="F",  append= TRUE)
write.xlsx(dat22,  file="AC.xlsx",                             append= TRUE)
write.xlsx(dat23,  file="AC.xlsx",                             append= TRUE)

And here is the error message I am having:

Error in .jcall(wb, "Lorg/apache/poi/ss/usermodel/Sheet;", "createSheet",
  java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The workbook already contains a sheet
of this name

This error message comes after running the write.xlsx(dat13,
 file="AC.xlsx", showNA=FALSE, row.names=FALSE, append= TRUE) line. Program
creates a sheet named "A" when writes dat11, then creates "sheet1" after
writing dat12 and when tries to write dat13, it gives me error. It seems it
tries to write on "sheet1" which already exists. I would like dat11, dat12
and dat13 will be all written after each other on sheet "A" and dat12,
dat22 and dat23 in sheet "F".

Anybody has any comments please.


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