[R] Problem with rJava

AASHISH JAIN ajain at umn.edu
Thu Jan 14 23:45:44 CET 2016


I am using an R package called Rknots, which uses rJava (and others like rSymPy, rjson, rJython) and I am getting some error due to rJava. When I run my R code, the execution gets halted with the following error:

Error in .jcheck() : No running JVM detected. Maybe .jinit() would help. (found this line in rjava.c)
Calls: computeInvariant ... sympy -> $ -> $ -> hasField -> .jcall -> .jcheck -> .Call (this line comes from Rknots package when the function computeInvariant is called)
Execution halted

Note that since I could not install these packages on root level, I installed them locally on unix OS. Since the other Java and R software appears to be working, it seems like the error is specific to the rJava package. Possibly rJava makes some assumptions about the Java installation (perhaps its location) that cause it to be confused. I would like to know if a non-root Java installation would cause problems. 

FYI, here are the versions of different packages that I currently have:
1. rSymPy_0.2-1.1.tar
2. rJava_0.9-8.tar
3. rjson_0.2.15.tar.gz
4. rJython_0.0-4.tar
5. Rknots_1.2.1.tar

I would really appreciate any help. 

I want to apologize if this forum is not a right place to discuss about rJava.

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