[R] different coloured axis title labels for different axes

Evan Cooch evan.cooch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 16:44:12 CET 2016

Consider a simple plot of X vs Y.  There are elements on the plot that 
represent X, or Y, that are presented in different colours (say, blue 
for X,   red for Y). Rather than use a legend, I would like to have the 
title label for the X-axis be in blue, and the title label for the 
Y-axis be in red.

While it is trivial to change the color of the axis title labels for 
*both* axes at the same time, I haven't figured out how to trick thing 
into generating a blue title label for the X-axis, and a red title label 
for the Y- axis (i.e., different colours on different axes).

I'm sure this is out there on searchable pages, but, I haven't managed 
to stumble across the appropriate search phrase(s).

Pointers to the obvious solution welcomed in advance.


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