[R] [R-pkgs] new package: venn

Adrian Dușa dusa.adrian at unibuc.ro
Sat Jan 9 16:56:25 CET 2016

Dear R users,

I would like to announce a new package that has just the appeared on CRAN,
called "venn" version 1.0:
(binaries will appear in one or two days)

Although there are quite a few packages that draw Venn diagrams, there are
a number of reasons for yet another one:

- this package draws diagrams up to 7 sets (!) while other packages top at 5

- in addition, this package is also capable to draw any boolean union of
set intersections, using different colors (transparency included), using a

- efforts were employed to create these diagrams using base R, without
using any dependencies to other graphics oriented packages

- there are a variety of input data which are automatically recognised,
making the package user friendly

- the technology behind this package is completely different from the other
Venn diagrams functions, similar to geographical maps where polygons can be
constructed on a hierarchical order, the way administrative units belong to
superior, higher units.

The most impressive diagram to show off is the so-called "Adelaide" for 7
sets, which can be viewed simply with:

> venn(7)

Comments and suggestions are, as always, welcome.

Best wishes,

Adrian Dusa
University of Bucharest
Romanian Social Data Archive
Soseaua Panduri nr.90
050663 Bucharest sector 5

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