[R] Solve an Equation Including Integral

Steven Stoline sstoline at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 13:24:42 CET 2016

Dear All: I submitted this post to the R-sig-Teaching List too

I am trying to solve an equation including an integral for unknown

Is this can be done in R? if so, any helps will be highly appreciated

### The following function is a function of t, given exi, nu, and alpha.


### I want to solve "[Integral(-Inf,100) fun(exi,nu,alpha)]-(1-alpha)=0"
for t.

### That is, find the value of t which satisfy the equation:

             [Integral(-Inf,100) fun(exi,nu,alpha)]-(1-alpha)=0

### for example given: alpha = 0.05, nu = 20 , exi = 0.5, Solve for t.

with many thanks

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