[R] Three way correspondence analyses?

Suparna Mitra suparna.mitra.sm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 21:58:05 CEST 2016

Hello R experts,
   have some data for microbiome, metabolome and cytokine from the same
sample. Now I want to do a three-way correspondence analyses. From three
normalised data I was trying,
#Now CCA

with two data it works good like:
Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca <- cca(normMicrobiome_NEC,normCytok_and_ProInf)
 plot(Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca )
Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca <- cca(normMicrobiome_NEC,normMetab_NEC)
plot(Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca )

But when I tried with three
Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca <-
plot(Metab.Cytok.Microb.cca )
But this is not displaying all three variables.
Sorry, I am very new in this. Can anybody please help me?
Thanks a lot,

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