[R] Rattle installation

Giorgio Garziano giorgio.garziano at ericsson.com
Sun Sep 27 18:09:25 CEST 2015

This is what I can observe for rattle 3.5.0 on Windows

pack <- available.packages()

[1] "R (>= 2.13.0), RGtk2"

pack["rattle", "Suggests"]

[1] "pmml (>= 1.2.13), bitops, colorspace, ada, amap, arules,\narulesViz, biclust, cairoDevice, cba, corrplot, descr, doBy,\ndplyr, e1071, ellipse, fBasics, foreign, fpc, gdata, ggdendro,\nggplot2, gplots, graph, grid, gtools, gWidgetsRGtk2, hmeasure,\nHmisc, kernlab, Matrix, methods, mice, nnet, odfWeave, party,\nplaywith, plyr, psych, randomForest, RBGL, RColorBrewer,\nreadxl, reshape, rggobi, RGtk2Extras, ROCR, RODBC, rpart,\nrpart.plot, SnowballC, stringr, survival, timeDate, tm,\nverification, wskm, XML, pkgDepTools, Rgraphviz"

pack["rattle", "Imports"]

[1] NA

In general, the package installation by RStudio is straightforward as it takes care of dependencies.

Giorgio Garziano

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