[R] Accessing defunct package

Dennis Fisher fisher at plessthan.com
Fri Sep 25 16:25:33 CEST 2015

R 3.2.0


In the past, I used a package:
to output files to SAS’s XPT format.  This was useful because FDA requests that data be submitted in that format (even though they typically must reconvert to some other format before the data are used).

It appears that the package is no longer available at CRAN:
	Package ‘SASxport’ was removed from the CRAN repository.
	Formerly available versions can be obtained from the archive.
	Archived on 2015-06-09 as errors were not corrected despite reminders.

I have a previously-functioning version of the package on my computer.  When I attempt to load it with:
	require("SASxport", lib.loc=“/PATH/TOt/R-Packages")
R responds:
	Loading required package: SASxport 
	Failed with error: ‘package ‘SASxport’ was built before R 3.0.0: please re-install it’ 

Other than reinstalling an old version of R (< 3.0.0), is there some way that I can use the package?


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