[R] To plot and to extract info from a plot

Jackson Rodrigues jacksonmrodrigues at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 00:25:33 CEST 2015

Hi everybody,

I need help to plot (question 1) and to extract information from another
plot (question 2). Could anyone help me? I will be very grateful.
I do not know if I could enclose a figure here, so I saved it in my dropbox

My questions are based on this figure.

Question 1:
The first figure (Figure 1) is a compilation of time series of some
variables that I have to plot in parallel. However, this figure was made in
adobe Illustrator because I could not plot these time series in parallel
directly from R. Using R, I always get one box and one y axis for each
plot. So, How to make a figure like this (several curves in paralel with 1
y axis, and no x axis)  in R? I am asking because i have to plot about 50
curves in parallel and doing it in R would save a long time.

Question 2:
The second plot (Figure 2) is a smoothed curve through time in which each
peak indicates an independent event. I would like to know when exactly on
time (x axis) each one of these peaks ocurred. So, how to intercept the x
axis at the maximum value of a peak.

I appreciate any help.

Jackson Rodrigues

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