[R] Connecting R to SAS SPDS through ODBC - no results.

Charles Burchill Charles.Burchill at umanitoba.ca
Fri Sep 18 21:00:59 CEST 2015

We have recently setup our SAS SPDS data server for use with ODBC connections.

Unfortunately when sending a query to the data server I am getting no data returned.  It is not clear if this is an issue with SPDS or RODBC and I am hoping someone has explored this already.

I know the connection works since I can query data through MS Access/Excel, or STATA and have data returned.

odbcConnect(ch)  - works fine.

odbcGetInfo(ch) - returns the server information

sqlTables()  returns no table information

sqlQuery()  returns the file structure but no records.

sqlFetch()  doesn't find the table (although an sqlQuery obviously does since it returns structure information)

I am hoping that someone can send me an example of accessing SPDS through ODBC using R.


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