[R] Need data labels to jitter with datapoints in boxplot

smheas sheasley at aegonusa.com
Thu Sep 17 17:20:33 CEST 2015

Hello, I have created a boxplot with the data points overlayed on top using
the below code. I am happy with the way the datapoints are jittered, however
I cannot figure out how to get the labels to jitter along with the
datapoints. The labels remain in the center and are unreadable. I have tried
a lot of different ways to get them to jitter but can't seem to make it
work. I have also tried making the label font smaller, but they still
overlap too much. Note I cannot use the method of assigning the lcoation of
each label - there are too many and this graph will be updated frequently
with new data. I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

After reading in data...

#load packages
#change letter to factor
#create boxplot
#Add formatting
plot<-plot + geom_text(aes(label=Identifier),size=3)
ggsave(filename="Spreads Plot.pdf",plot=plot,width=11,height=8,units="in")


Sample Data:
Identifier	Letter	Number
AB	AA-	46.74
BC	A	59.62
CD	A	61.63
DE	A	69.49
EF	A+	69.73
FG	A+	74.57
GH	A	75.01
HI	A	77.52
IJ	A	77.52
JK	A	80.12
KL	A	80.14
LM	A-	80.35
MN	A	81.98
NO	A-	82.72
OP	A+	83.56
PQ	A	85.29
QR	A-	85.46
RS	A-	85.92
ST	A	86.11
TU	A-	86.55
UV	A	86.57
VW	A	88.32
WX	A	89.4
XY	A-	96.81
YZ	A+	97.6
BA	A-	101.86
CB	A	102.37
DC	A	104.29
ED	A	104.92
FE	A	106.29
GF	A-	111.84
HG	A+	121.91
IH	A-	123.64

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