[R] values in date format from .xls as label on x-line

rbalasus randolf at balasus.eu
Mon Sep 7 13:19:20 CEST 2015

hello , I am very new to R, till now I was working with lineplots reading
their data from .xls files. All was working as expected, 
now I want to label the data-values with "date"-values on the x line. But I
have absolute no clue how to read and interprete these values as date-values
not just only integer, I was testing and searching solutions with the
convert function. I hop I just  need only one or two modifications in my
code, and all is working. Any Ideas?

this is my testcode, and the example values in the .xls, (with integer
values, all is working correctly.)

wb = loadWorkbook("C:/xlsfile.xls")
impdata = readWorksheet(wb, sheet = "Data", header = TRUE)
datec(c)  <- as.Date(impdata$date, "%d.%m.%y")
plot(datec,impdata$amount, main="amount year to date",type="n", ylab="Eur",
xlab="year to date",ylim=c(1,6000))
lines(datec,impdata$amountmount, col = "steelblue")

date        amount
30.01.2015  1000
30.02.2015  2000
15.03.2015  2800

THANX in advance for your help.

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