[R] Passing a Data Frame Name as a Variable in a Function

Alan Yong alanyong at caltech.edu
Thu Jan 29 02:37:34 CET 2015

Dear R-help,
I have df.1001 as a data frame with rows & columns of values.

I also have other data frames named similarly, i.e., df.*.

I used DFName from:

DFName <- ls(pattern = glob2rx("df.*"))[1]

& would like to pass on DFName to another function, like:

length(DFName[, 1])

however, when I run:

> length(DFName[, 1])
Error in DFName[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions


length(df.1001[, 1])
[1] 104

do not provide the same expected answer.

How can I successfully pass the data frame name of df.1001 as a variable named DFName in a function?


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