[R] need help with excel data

Sean Porter sporter at ori.org.za
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Hi Dr Polanski,

I would recommend you do this in excel seeing as you know how to work with excel. You can use excel to put different parts of a cell into another cell. 

For example if cell A1 is 12*23 34*45

And you want "12" in a separate cell  (say cell A2) go to cell A2 and type: =LEFT(A1,2)

This will extract the first 2 characters from the left.

To extract "45" you would type: =Right(A1,2)

To get 2 characters starting at position 4 you would type: =MID(A1, 4,2)

Which will give you 23.

Hope this helps.


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Hi all!

Sorry to bother you, I am trying to learn some R via coursera courses and other internet sources yet haven’t managed to go far

And now I need to do some, I hope, not too difficult things, which I think R can do, yet have no idea how to make it do so

I have a big set of data (empirical) which was obtained by my colleagues and store at not convenient  way - all of the data in two cells of an excel table an example of the data is in the attached file (the link)


so the first column has a number and the second has a whole vector (I guess it is) which looks like «some words in Cyrillic(the length varies)» and then the set of numbers «12*23 34*45» (another problem that some times it is «12*23, 34*56» 

And the number of raws is about 3000 so it is impossible to do manually 

what I need to have at the end is to have it separately in different excel cells
- what is written in words - |  12  | 23 | 34 | 45 |

Do you think it is possible to do so using R (or something else?)

Thank you very much in advance and sorry for asking for help and so stupid question, the problem is - I am trying and yet haven’t even managed to install openSUSE onto my laptop - only Ubuntu! :)

Thank you very much!
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