[R] “Could not find function observeEvent” in shiny

Ramkishore Swaminathan ramkishore31 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 05:20:59 CET 2015

Hi fellow R community users,

I am using the shiny server to build a webapp and am connect R with mongodb
to fetch results from database and display it dynamically.

The app executes fine on my localhost.

I have deployed the shiny server on a ubuntu 12.04 machine and when I run
giving the IP address along with the application path in the browser it
throws the error

"The application unexpectedly exited.Diagnostic information has been dumped
to the JavaScript error console."

I went and checked the mozilla browser console where it says

Listening on Error in (structure(function (input,
output) : could not find function "observeEvent" " vload_controller:27

Even if I execute from the R console on the remote machine, it says


Listening on

But a browser with the webapp does not open.

The observeEvent function works fine on my localhost but not on the remote

Can somebody please help me? :)

I have attached code and screenshot for the same.


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