[R] what is isdst parameter

Vasantha Kumar Kesavan info.vasukv at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 12:51:39 CET 2015


Let me know, how to set/unset "isdst" parameter in system/session level.

I could understand the possible values of isdst 0, 1 and -1.


as.POSIXct("2007-11-04 01:00:00");

when I was executed the above command,

LINUX.X64 -> it was treated as PST value.
[1] "2007-11-04 01:00:00 PST"

WINDOWS.X64 -> it was treated as PDT value
[1] "2007-11-04 01:00:00 PDT"

SOLARIS.X64 -> it was treated as PST value.
[1] "2007-11-04 01:00:00 PST"

In 2007 the Daylight saving time was ended at 2007-11-04 02:00:00, so there
was two "2007-11-04 01:00:00" values each for Standard and Daylight time.

But I was not able to understand, how R is displaying the datetime as

Please do the needful.


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