[R] Help - "plot" function in Windows

Nafiseh Mehdipour nafiseh.mehdipour at mail.polimi.it
Fri Jan 16 22:18:51 CET 2015


I am writing regarding to my problem about using "plot" function. I am using "R x64 3.1.1" (installed on Windows 7 SP1 (laptop Sony VGN-SR) ), and when I use type this code:

> x <- c(-30,30)
> y <- c(-5,5)
> plot.window(x , y)

or any other form of "plot" function, it doesn't show anything. I used

> dev.off()

to set the graphic device to the default of R or null, but it didn't help. Then I used:

> png(filename="name.png")
> plot.window(x , y)
> dev.off()

to see the output as an image instead. But this is time consuming for me to do that every time to see the output. Please help me to resolve this problem.

Very looking forward to your reply.
Thank you.


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