[R] Avoid R shell process echoes of piped inputs from a different programming language on Linux

marcel Austenfeld marcel.au at web.de
Wed Jan 14 12:39:50 CET 2015

Dear R developers,
i have rather a developer question.
>From an external application (different programming language)  i contact R through pipes (process pipes -> exec....).
On Linux i use the R (bash) script to start the R process which will be available in a custom shell.
If i pipe a command to R i have the problem that the command is echoed in my shell connection which i would like to avoid.
A R command is written in the output stream and the problem is that it is rewritten again in the input stream (which is output of the shell).
If i start the bash shell independant from the R process i got the same results if i pipe commands to the output.
If i start a Bourne-Shell independant from the R process the command is not echoed in the input stream.
So maybe it is possible that R can be started without echoing the commands of the output stream of the process under the Linux envrironment?
On Windows for example echoing (with Rterm) is not a problem.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion or help.

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