[R] Psych package: why am I receiving "NA" for many of the factor scores?

Elizabeth Barrett-Cheetham ebarrettcheetham at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 02:46:49 CET 2015

Hello R Psych package users,

Why am I receiving "NA" for many of the factor scores for individual
observations? I'm assuming it is because there is quite a bit of missing
data (denoted by NA). Are there any tricks in the psych package for getting
a complete set of factor scores? 

My input is: 
rProjectSurveyDataJustVariables = read.csv("R Project Survey Data Just
Variables.csv", header = TRUE)
solution <- fa(r = rProjectSurveyDataJustVariables, nfactors = 4,  rotate =
"oblimin", fm = "ml", scores = "tenBerge", warnings = TRUE, oblique.scores =

Thank you.

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