[R] Saving an edited function in R Studio

Tae J. Kwon tkwon at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jan 12 23:29:44 CET 2015


I am trying to modify a few functions in a specific R package that I
installed. I am using a simple "edit" function to edit the function and
override the exisiting using the same function name. For instance, if the
function is named as "aaaMap" then I do: aaaMap = edit(aaaMap) so other
functions that are built within "aaaMap" won't be affected.

So when editing, a window pops up with an option of saving the changes made
by clicking the "save" button at the bottom of the popup window. By making
changes this way I was able to run the code in a way that I changed.. But
when I do the exactly same for another function named "bbbMap" (nested
inside aaaMap), a different pop-up window appears (notepad) WITHOUT an
option of saving the changes made. I tried saving the changes but after
running the code, I realized that the changes have NOT been made/saved..
Any idea why editing one function enables "save" option while another
Your answer is greatly appreciated...

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