[R] Help reading multiple ts objects

stamos stamvlachos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 11:38:10 CET 2015

Hello R team,
I am currently exploring the R functionality for time series forecasting.
My set of data consists of 4y monthly data sales per sku. Each sku spans
across 4 lines - one for each year - and the respective periods of time are
in columns P1 to P12.  The .txt file (assume tab sep) containing the data
looks like:
Item   year     P1  P2 ... P12
sku1 2012    ...
sku1 2013    ...
sku1 2014    ...
sku1 2015    ...
sku2 2012
sku2 2013
sku2 2014
sku2 2015    ...

Could someone please explain how should I read the data into R in such a
way that I end up with multiple ts objects?
Thanks in advance,

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