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David Smith david at revolutionanalytics.com
Thu Jan 8 19:21:24 CET 2015

Happy new year! For more than 6 years, Revolution Analytics staff and
guests have written about R every weekday at the Revolutions blog:
and every month I post a summary of articles from the previous month
of particular interest to readers of r-help.

In case you missed them, here are some articles related to R from the
December 2014:

R was featured in recent articles in Nature News and Mashable:

A recap of the 6th Spanish R Users Conference: http://bit.ly/1KptNcz

R was the recipient of a 2014 "Bossie" award for best open-source big
data tools: http://bit.ly/1KptNcy

A fractal Christmas tree created with R: http://bit.ly/1KptKxA

You can use the rgl package to explore a 3-D shapefile of the comet
Churyumov–Gerasimenko (no sign of Philae, though):

Using R to solve a probability problem about assigning tasks to people
on randomly-selected days: http://bit.ly/1KptNcA

Looking at how the Queen's Christmas speech has evolved over 50 years:

A list of useful statistical resources from 2014 (many related to R),
from Jeff Leek: http://bit.ly/1KptKNP

Revolution Analytics is offering cash sponsorships for local R user
groups for its 2015 program: http://bit.ly/1KptNcE

The new leadership of the R Foundation: http://bit.ly/1KptKNQ

How to make interactive 2-D and 3-D R plots with Plotly: http://bit.ly/1KptNcF

Useful examples of cartography with complex survey data from the swmap
project: http://bit.ly/1KptKNR

The ASA publishes new guidelines on undergraduate Statistics programs:

Revolution R Open 8.0.1 is now available for download, based on R
3.1.2: http://bit.ly/1KptKNS

The latest O'Reilly survey of data scientists indicates prevalent use
of R, surprisingly low use of Python stats libraries:

Quandl now publishing new commercial data sources accessible from R:

A graph-based method of clustering CRAN packages into "communities"
like "statistical learning": http://bit.ly/1KptNcL

A webinar on sports analytics with R and Storm: http://bit.ly/1KptKNT

Cindy Brewer, who created the palettes behind the RColorBrewer
package, is profiled in Wired magazine: http://bit.ly/1KptKNU

Highlights from some recent local R user group presentations on D3
visualizations, Slidify, ggplot2, data.table and more:

The 25 most-referenced R packages, according to the PageRank
algorithm: http://bit.ly/1KptKNY

General interest stories (not related to R) in the past month
included: spirally optical illusions (http://bit.ly/1KptNt0), a short
film exploring the Solar System (http://bit.ly/1KptKNX), and the top
big-data analytics companies (http://bit.ly/1KptNt1).

Meeting times for local R user groups (http://bit.ly/eC5YQe) can be
found on the updated R Community Calendar at: http://bit.ly/bb3naW

If you're looking for more articles about R, you can find summaries
from previous months at http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/roundups/.
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As always, thanks for the comments and please keep sending suggestions
to me at david at revolutionanalytics.com or via Twitter (I'm

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