[R] Separating a Complicated String Vector

npretnar npretnar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 03:41:31 CET 2015

I have a string variable (V1) in a data frame structured as follows:

V1	V2	
A	5
a1	1
a2	1
a3	1
a4	1
a5	1
B	4
b1	1	
b2	1
b3	1
b4	1

I want the following:

V1	V2	V3	
a1	1	A	
a2	1	A
a3	1	A
a4	1	A
a5	1	A
b1	1	B
b2	1	B
b3	1	B
b4	1	B

I am not sure how to go about making this transformation besides writing a long vector that contains each of the categorical string names (these are state names, so it would be a really long vector). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Nicholas Pretnar
Mizzou Economics Grad Assistant
npretnar at gmail.com

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