[R] DOT PLOT help!!

John Kane jrkrideau at inbox.com
Fri Nov 28 16:24:13 CET 2014

No sign of the attached plot. The R-help list is very picky about what files it will accept. IIRC, you usually are able to attach ASCII files with a txt suffix and to attach pdf files so probably you tried to send something like a png or jpeg and the R-help server stripped it away as a possible source of malware.

When asking a question on the list it is usually very helpful to send sample data and any (minimal) code that is applicable to the problem.

The easiest way to supply data is to use the dput() function. Example with your file named"testfile": dput(testfile) Then copy the output and paste into your email. For large data sets, you can just supply a representative sample. Usually, dput(head(testfile, 100)) will be sufficient. 

This is particularly important as R has many types of data formats, some of which look the same when printed on the screen, (see example, below) and by supplying the data in dput() format you ensure that R-help readers can load 'exactly' the same data as you are working with. 

#====================copy and run in R=================#
dat1  <- data.frame(aa = as.factor(1:5), bb = 1:5)   
dat1 # data looks identical on the screen      
5*dat1[,"aa"]  # oops   
5*dat1[, "bb"] # okay     

Have a look at https://github.com/hadley/devtools/wiki/Reproducibility and  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5963269/how-to-make-a-great-r-reproducible-example for some good suggestions on how to frame questions to the list.

BTW, did Don McQueen's response help?

Welcome to R .

John Kane Kingston ON Canada 

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> Morning everyone
> I am relatively new to R and although there are tons of "how to"
> websites,
> some are just way over my head. I am currently trying to figure out how
> to
> create dot plot graphs with my data, where I have categories (i.e male
> /female) and values for each. I would like to display this as categories
> on the x axis and all values for each directly above the applicable
> category, thus not a scatter graph but in a line above for each.
> I have attached a quick picture I found on the internet to demonstrate
> roughly what I would like.
> Thank you all for your time
> Juan Scheun
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