[R] Vignette from existing .pdf manual

John Hutcheson hutchesonjohn at att.net
Sun Nov 23 16:50:47 CET 2014

Greetings!  I am trying to develop a package for R for Search and Rescue planning.  I'd like to  re-use an existing PDF file that was created in emacs (so I have the .tex and source data) for use in inst/docs.  The vignette sections of the 'Writing r extensions' manual starts off implying that this can be done, but after lots of effort, I find no way of getting it done.  I did find a suggestion to use a 'dummy' .Rnw file stored alongside the pdf in the inst/doc folder, but haven't been able to make that work. 

Here's the setup data:

Package name:   rSARP
directory structure :  rSARP/inst/doc

Existing pdf manual:  rSARP.pdf located in rSARP/inst/doc/  (Its less than 5 meg in size)
VignetteIndexEntry file:  	rSARP.Rnw located in rSARP/inst/doc/    The file contents for the dummy .Rnw are:

%\VignetteIndexEntry{User manual}

I've tried creating an rSARP/vignette folder and storing the .Rnw file there - no luck.  
I appreciate any assistance I can get to incorporate the existing documentation into the package.  

      John Hutcheson
     hutchesonjohn at att.net
            989 - 430 - 7560

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