[R] Interpreting ANOVA / quantile regression results

Yunqi Zhang yqzhang at ucsd.edu
Sat Nov 22 05:56:17 CET 2014

Hi all,

I think this is probably a very simple question related to ANOVA or
quantile regression.

Let's say if I'm doing ANOVA on 2 factors (f_a and f_b) and trying to
figure out whether they have an impact on the output. The result shows me
that f_a has a significant impact while f_b does not as following, where
the std. error (confidence interval) is

         estimate    std. error      p-value
f_a    10              0.2               0.001
f_b    0.5             2                  0.56

If I take this result, and I want to make my best guess for the output of a
pair of f_a and f_b values. Should I calculate the output using both f_a
and f_b or only the f_a because f_b is statistically insignificant? And
what the std. error (confidence interval) would be?

Specifically, should I do

guessed output = 10 * f_a + 0.5 * f_b and the std. error is 0.2 + 2 = 2.2


guessed output = 10 * f_a and the std.err is 0.2

Thank you very much!


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