[R] Rose Diagrams for Geology

David L Carlson dcarlson at tamu.edu
Fri Nov 21 15:53:49 CET 2014

No. Just use the circular() function to specify that your data are in degrees and clockwise and the graph will be labeled that way.

David C (I was beginning to think that this thread was only for Davids).

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David Doyle <kydaviddoyle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you to David and David for their help.  The code below
> generated what I needed.
> library(circular)
> mydata <- read.table("http://doylesdartden.com/R/Joints.csv",
> header=TRUE, sep=",",)
> x <- circular(mydata$JointsRad)
> rose.diag(x,
>           #Set point character to use
>           pch = 20,
>           #sets font size
>           cex = 1,
>           #parameter that controls the size of the circle.
>           #1= default <1 makes it larger > makes it smaller
>           shrink = 1,
>           #the color for filling the rose diagram.
>           col=2,
>           prop = 2,
>           # number of bins.  36 = 10 degrees each.  18 = 20 degree
> each bins=36,
>           # Ticks showing bins
>           ticks=TRUE,
>           # Unites.
>           units="degrees",
>           # list main title
>           main="Rose Diagram of XXX")
> # for more info see
> http://www.inside-r.org/packages/cran/circular/docs/rose.diag
I've been following this thread with some interest.  One problem that I
might have with the code above is that as it is, the plot is labeled
with 0-deg to the left, and numbered counter clockwise (standard
trigonometric format). Most field mapping data I have collected has been
either in quadrant form (rarely) or more commonly in azimuthal form
(0-360 degrees order clockwise from the top).  Is that an issue? 


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