[R] Symbolic equations to R code?

Scott Rifkin sarifkin at ucsd.edu
Wed Nov 19 21:48:19 CET 2014

David, Thanks for your reply and suggestions of packages - let me 
clarify what I am looking for:

The web editor you pointed out is the sort of equation editor I'm 
looking for and I had seen others like this.    Let's say I use that one 
(step 1) and then have Latex code (step 2).  Step (3) would be 
converting the Latex into an R function automatically.  That's the key 
package. In searching for Latex and R there seem to be lots of ways to 
embed R code into Latex but not to translate Latex into R.

As far as R commander, I do indeed know about that and am not looking 
for an R GUI for my students. They are not going be learning R in the 
class.  As far as I know, R commander can't do steps 1-3, but please let 
me know if I am wrong.  After students use the interface in step (1), 
the software in steps (2) and (3) would be for my benefit, to 
programmatically translate the equations of 150+ students into R code.


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