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Javad Bayat bayat194 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 13:29:09 CET 2014

Dear all;I want to do N.network for pH and predict its future.but when I run the code and plot them (the measured data and the predicted), the predicted data in all station are same.i do not know what is wrong with this. Here are the codes that I used:"fit  <- neuralnet(pH ~ station.2 + Day,data = bayat2)## create new data into the futurefuturedata <- expand.grid(station.2 = 1:5, Day = 511:1000)
## do predictionspredictions <- compute(fit, futuredata)predictions2 <- data.frame(predictions[["neurons"]][[1]][,2:3], pH = predictions$net.result)head(predictions2)## plot the results together with original datalibrary(lattice)library(latticeExtra)xyplot(pH ~ Day|factor(station.2), data = bayat2, type = "b", layout = c(3,2), xlim = c(0:1000))+xyplot(pH ~ Day|factor(station.2), data = predictions2, type = "b", layout = c(4,2), col = "red")"

Many thanks.
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