[R] upgrade from 3.1.1 > 3.1.2

RICHARD M KARCICH rmkarcich at msn.com
Tue Nov 11 01:10:39 CET 2014

in 3.1.1, i had a few small scripts like the one attached -- 
installed 3.1.2, then from the R-console, i chg dir and can successfully source() the mycode.R --
> getwd()[1] "C:/RProgramming"> dir()[1] "forCondition.R"  "ifCondition.R"   "mycode.R"        "nestedForLoop.R"[5] "whileLoop.R"    > source ("mycode.R")> ls()[1] "myfunction" "second"    > second(4)Error in second(4) : unused argument (4)
why can't 'second' run...?  thx in advance...


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