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Francesca francesca.pancotto at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 13:14:28 CET 2014

Dear Contributors

I have a problem with a loop.

I needed to create a variable that takes values 1,2.. to 19 corresponding
to the value of a variable in a data.frame whose name is p_int$p_made and

which takes values from 406  to 211.

The problem is that this values come ordered in the wrong way when I try to
compress the loop as the system reads


while they correspond to quarters-years so they should be ordered as


the only solution I found was really silly. It is the following.


for (i in 1:length(p_int$p_made)){

  if (p_int$p_made[i]==406) p_m[i]<-1 else

    if (p_int$p_made[i]==107) p_m[i]<-2 else

      if (p_int$p_made[i]==207) p_m[i]<-3 else

        if (p_int$p_made[i]==307) p_m[i]<-4 else

          if (p_int$p_made[i]==407) p_m[i]<-5 else

            if (p_int$p_made[i]==108) p_m[i]<-6 else

              if (p_int$p_made[i]==208) p_m[i]<-7 else

                if (p_int$p_made[i]==308) p_m[i]<-8 else

                  if (p_int$p_made[i]==408) p_m[i]<-9 else

                    if (p_int$p_made[i]==109) p_m[i]<-10 else

                      if (p_int$p_made[i]==209) p_m[i]<-11 else

                        if (p_int$p_made[i]==309) p_m[i]<-12 else

                          if (p_int$p_made[i]==409) p_m[i]<-13 else

                            if (p_int$p_made[i]==110) p_m[i]<-14 else

                              if (p_int$p_made[i]==210) p_m[i]<-15 else

                                if (p_int$p_made[i]==310) p_m[i]<-16 else

                                  if (p_int$p_made[i]==410) p_m[i]<-17 else

                                    if (p_int$p_made[i]==111) p_m[i]<-18

                                      if (p_int$p_made[i]==211) p_m[i]<-19


Can anyone help to find something more efficient?

Thanks in advance.




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