[R] cluster + tt terms in coxph

Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. therneau at mayo.edu
Wed Nov 5 14:50:25 CET 2014

This is fixed in version 2.37-8 of the survival package, which has been in my "send to 
CRAN real-soon-now" queue for 6 months.  Your note is a prod to get it done.  I've been 
updating and adding vignettes.

Terry Therneau

On 11/05/2014 05:00 AM, r-help-request at r-project.org wrote:
> I am receiving the following error when trying to include both tt (time transforms) and frailty terms in coxph
>> >coxph(Surv(time, status) ~ ph.ecog + tt(age)+cluster(sex), data=lung,
> +      tt=function(x,t,...) pspline(x + t/365.25))
> Error in residuals.coxph(fit2, type = "dfbeta", collapse = cluster, weighted = TRUE) :
>    Wrong length for 'collapse'
> I tried both 64 bit (R.3.1.0) and 32 bit (R.3.1.2) in Windows 7 64bit and get the same errors
> Inclusion of tt and cluster terms worked fine in R2.9.2-2.15.1 under Windows Vista 32 bit and Ubuntu 64 bit
> Any ideas?

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