[R] Stacked squares plots

Osman Al-Radi osman.al.radi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 23:54:45 CET 2014

Dear R-help users,

I would like to produce a plot of ordered stacked coloured square where each square would represent a level of a categorical variable CAT (aprox. 150 levels), the size of the square would represent the frequency FREQ (count) of that level, the color would represent a proportion of failure FAILURE (0 to 1) and the squares would be organized by size from bottom left to top right. 

It would be an extra bonus if one could produce one such plot for each level of a higher order categorical variable GROUP with say 6 levels. All in one plot similar to panels in lattice but without the gaps between panels. 

Any ideas. I played around with mosaicplot and rectangle but without a satisfactory result. 

example data

GROUP    CAT    FREQ     FAILURE      
1                a          100          0.05
1                b            20          0.1

And so forth.

Thanks a million


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